Pole Dancing for Health and Fitness

The combination of acrobatics, muscle-building and toning exercises is a characteristic of pole dancing. It would suffice to know pole dancing benefits to the body to prove pole dancing is as effective as a gym workout.There are still people who think pole dancing is merely about doing twirls, bends, and poses on a pole, but little do some people know that these are exercises not easy to do. Aerobics make your heart muscles stronger and your cells more oxygenated. The more the heart pumps, the more efficient the blood circulation is throughout the body. The fats are broken down and the calories are used as an energy source as you do the intensive exercises. This sport is one effective way to lose weight.Since it can also include anaerobic exercises, your muscles, especially in the back, upper and lower extremities, are toned. In addition, it can improve your flexibility since it involves a variety of range-of-motion exercises. It can improve your posture, too, as it helps strengthen your back muscles, so you can say no more to slouching.Climbing the pole is that one seemingly difficult task in pole dancing. It may take a while for those who are overweight to climb. They will need to lose pounds so they can carry their own weight easier. Pole fitness classes are emerging. They are open to overweight people, to moms, and some even to men. These classes are being attended for health and fitness reasons. Women wanting empowerment opt for pole dancing classes because here, they are able to learn a new skill that is difficult to do.Boosting self-confidence is, without a doubt, one of the key benefits of pole dancing, not because you are able to wear stilettos and clothes of your own choosing but because this exercise triggers the release of happy hormones, the so-called endorphins in your brain. You enjoy the poses that you do despite the muscle soreness and bruises you get as a result.As a beginner in pole dancing, you will experience muscle pain, but you need not worry as this is natural. It is a normal part of the body’s adaptation for the incoming more intense exercises and difficult poses. This delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) that you are likely to experience is due to the microscopic muscle tears. These are injuries but are not that serious and are the ones that can heal. The muscle heals itself through inflammation, the body’s natural way of healing injuries. This healing process is be accompanied by pain.That muscle soreness should not discourage a beginner in becoming a professional poler. You get to do stretching as warm-ups, and that will challenge your flexibility. The purpose of stretching is to improve blood flow to the muscles so they get used to the stress in the succeeding exercises.The negative criticism about this sport, like it is merely about club stripping, will be dispelled once its health benefits become widely known. In addition, you would not be wasting time thinking about those criticisms once you get focused on how you will do those challenging poses.

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Shoot Stunning Sunsets With a Digital Camera – Digital Photography Tips Complementary Guide

What draws us to a beautiful sunset? What makes you want to capture that scene? Perhaps the warm colours and tones… and then there are so many variations of sunsets, which adds that extra excitement, so let’s take a look at these digital photography tips on how best to capture a glowing sunset with your digital camera…Timing and ComposureGet set up before the sunset starts, at least half an hour beforehand. A couple of things to consider: the exact time the sun sets, which is the moment the sun drops below the horizon. Note this could be affected bearing in mind your landscape, that is, if there are any mountains which could block the sun, before it has chance to reach the horizon. So it’s worth finding the right location where you have an uninterrupted view of the sun, perhaps from a beach, edge of a lake or cliff edge… anywhere with an uncluttered view. This will greatly emphasise the sun and the sky for a stunning sunset shotYou must also consider as the sun approaches the horizon, this is the time to start shooting, as you should see some dynamic scenes before the sun disappears. Take a couple of shots every few minutes to capture the changing light from the sun’s rays once the sun nears the horizon. If you have a tripod, this will help compose your shot by keeping everything steady for your framing.VIPBe careful when preparing your shot not to look directly at the sun, either through your viewfinder or with a naked eye, to avoid damaging your eyes. Your digital camera will have an LCD panel, so use this to frame your shot for safety. It will help you with more accurate framing.Can Dust Particles affect my shot… True or False?True… Dust particles and humidity from clouds can have a great effect on how the light from the sun’s rays will give you that dynamic sunset. When the sun is near the horizon the light has to travel its longest wavelengths. The light travels though dust particles and water vapour from the clouds, and so helps create that dramatic sky, giving those deep rich warm tones of red, orange and yellow. If you happen to be close to a town, city or desert on a humid evening, sand dust particles is perfect for scattering light – you’ll be in luck to get that ‘stunning’ sunset.Set the Scene for that Creative SunsetNow you’re ready to start shooting you’ll need to frame your sunset. There is a rule of thirds, and to use it, make sure to keep the horizon level low (bottom third of your framed scene) filling the above two-thirds of your frame with the sky. Be creative by keeping some darker foreground in your shot as this highlights the sky, adding more appeal. You may wish to add other objects, for example trees, figures, overhanging ferns (if on a beach), birds etc, which should give you an attractive silhouette, against your glowing sky. If there happens to be low clouds around, then this will add even more dynamism to your shot – you can imagine the scene right now!Be patient, be creative, I hope you find these digital photography tips useful, but most of all… have fun!

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Lifestyle – Joan Fonebone’s 10 Point ‘Live-Life-to-the-Full’ Ultimate Lifestyle Plan

Joan Fonebone is a 48 year old, three times divorced, mother of seven who lives in a trailer home on the outskirts of a large city in mid-western USA. She shares her “lovenest” with her 28 year-old drug addict boyfriend, Trevor.Joan drives a green and rust Datsun 120Y with three tyres down to the canvas and a “slightly” smoky exhaust. She is 63 pounds overweight, smokes two packs of “low tar” cigarettes per day and gets through two cartons of full strength beer and two bottles of Johnny Walker red label per week.Now that you know Joan’s “qualifications” here is her 10 point plan so that you, too, can lead a similar lifestyle to the one that she has forged for herself.I asked Joan about a range of subjects including reading books, attending seminars, associating with influential people, budgeting and a number of other issues. In her own words, here are her candid answers:

Joan’s lifestyle tip #1: “Books. I ain’t never read a book since school. Come to think of it… I ain’t never read ‘em there either. They only mess with yer mind. Don’t believe in ‘em. Never have. Books are fer geeks and nerds.”

Joan’s lifestyle tip #2: “Seminars. Huh? Yer mean those meetin’ things? Nah. Wouldn’t be caught dead goin’ to any of that crap.”

Joan’s lifestyle tip #3: “Hang around wealthy people? Those snotty nosed bastards? Not likely. They’re all crooks an’ cheats an’ liars. Look at the houses they live in … an’ the cars they drive. No honest people have those things. They gotta be crooks, don’t they?”

Joan’s lifestyle tip #4: “Take advice? You gotta be joking! Advice? What could anybody tell me that I ain’t already heard of?”

Joan’s lifestyle tip #5: “Mentor. What’s that? Oh, role-model. Gotcha. Nah. Wouldn’t waste me time. Why would I want to copy some other freak?”

Joan’s lifestyle tip #6: “Take-aways. Seven days a week. Take-aways means no mess, no fuss, no cleanin’ up. Ya don’t need no knives an’ forks an’ plates an’ things. Saves money. Tastes real good too.”

Joan’s lifestyle tip #7: “Smokin’? Nah… can’t give up me smokes. Tried to cut down once but couldn’t. Anyway, I only smoke two packs a day. That ain’t that much!”

Joan’s lifestyle tip #8: “Me kids? Yeah, well, they’s all growed up now. They don’t need me no more. Give ‘em the best years of me life, I did. And fer what? Never see the little bastards any more. Me oldest, Calvin, he calls me a loser. Ungrateful little ****!”

Joan’s lifestyle tip #9: “Trev? Oh, he’s outer it mostly. Sleeps durin’ the day. Does some odd jobs at night – only when it takes his fancy, mind you. He just makes enough for his next hit. Good ole Trev. He ain’t never hurt no-one. Had a tough life. Poor little love.”

Joan’s lifestyle tip #10: “Me best bit of advice? Hmm. Let me think a minute… well I buy lotsa lottery tickets. One day a girl’s gotta win. Yer gotta be in it to win it. That’s what I always says. ‘Course, yer could always pretend to slip over at the casino or tha local shoppin’ center. Should be good fer some easy compensation money. Watch those damn kids come moochin’ back then!”

Now that you know Joan’s ten-point lifestyle plan you will be able to follow it and live life to the full just like she does.Seriously, Joan Fonebone is just a figment of my rampant imagination. Sadly, there are plenty of people like her in this world. I actually meet people like this from time to time. They blame everyone and everything for their lot in life. Too bad they cannot see that they are the architects of their own lifestyles.

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